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For now, just add/fill in data for any interesting memes/media you would like to document. As more information gets posted, rmb177 will organize them into logical groups rather than having one long list.

Downfall Parody Videos

In 2018, user rmb177 created a Downfall parody video in which Hitler explodes in outrage after finding out the statistical models the 3rd Reich developed to predict Donald Trump's tweets did not work out as planned. The video plays off of Donald Trump's tendency to go on twitter rants and pays homage to PI veterans jaguars, Rainbow Jeremy, and scottmbeckes.

After persistent prodding by Richie of PI, rmb177 finally made a follow-up video in August 2019. In this video, Hitler is infuriated with Dan Scavino and his inconsistency in retweeting Donald Trump's tweets on the potus account. It also pays homage to Richie of PI, Casper, and of course, Rainbow Jeremy.


When a degen responds to your comment with "F.", they are signaling you and your shares are ded. The origin of this meme is a scene from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in which you have to press the F key to pay respects to your fallen friend. See The origin of “Press F to Pay Respects”

I don't see where "x" tweets can come from

In the twitter markets, degens often make this comment when they are sure that more tweets are coming that will get the market to the next bracket, or ultimately, the highest bracket.