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For now, just add/fill in sources you would like to document. As more information gets posted, rmb177 will organize them into logical groups rather than having one long list.


PICOUNT provides a current tweet count for all of the four main tweet markets: RealDonaldTrump, WhiteHouse, POTUS, and VP (market removed in March of 2020). Along with the current count, the site provides notifications of tweets, a history of previous weeks' tweet counts, the time of the last tweet, and the average tweets per day (TPD) count, which it uses to compute a simplistic prediction of the final count, known as pace. Traders, usually noobs, who use this pace metric for predictive purposes may often get BTFO'd, although not always. This site was founded by user Abe Simpson.


TwetsFree is a free service for tweet counts and notifications created by known degen B1 ded. @TwetsFree on Twitter sends notifications of tweets, deletions, and weekly charts for accounts with a tweet market. Notifications also track pace and counts tweets sent in recent time periods. A simple spreadsheet is available at the TwetsFree site which also tracks delta, a calculation of the difference between the offical count and actual count. TwetsFree is a free alternative to PITwets.


PITwets is a reasonably-priced service which provides instant alerts of tweets and deletions for all of the four main tweet markets: RealDonaldTrump, WhiteHouse, POTUS, and VP (market removed in March of 2020). Many degens recommend that noobs to trading tweets invest in PITwets. Notifications also track pace and are sent via the @pitwets Twitter account. A free but less helpful version, PI Twet Counter, can be accessed at @pi_twets. PITwets also operates pi_alerts. TwetsFree is a free alternative which provides similar information.


Operated courtesy of PITwets, pi_alerts provides free market alerts via Twitter notifications. Alerts are provided for the addition of new markets and the closure of expired markets (markets which have settled). It is recommended for all traders to follow pi_alerts and enable notifications.

Predicting Politics

Predicting Politics is a blog authored by jipkin. Besides providing commentary on current markets, jipkin provides two guides that have great information on the tweet and polling markets. Many newcomers to PredictIt are referred to these guides when asking questions about either market type.

Easy D!

Easy D! is a website created by user rmb177. It allows you to upload your TradeHistory.csv file from PredictIt and then displays a table showing your profit on every market you've wagered in. The table allows you to filter the markets displayed so it's possible for you to see your performance across specific market types (e.g. tweets, polling, etc...).