The Degenerates

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The Degenerates, commonly called degens, are the people who trade on PredictIt obsessively. Their title refers to "degenerate gamblers." Most degens are dirty, low-down, ruthless gambling addicts. On PI, degens are a higher class of traders, ranked above cucks and noobs for their ability to make a buck (unless they are also cucks).

The best-known degens can be seen on the Leaderboard, in the Disqus comments calling each other cucks, or on Discord on a daily basis. Many of them have funny or interesting avatars. The degens are usually either very smart or very dumb, and they tend to make a lot of money or lose all of it (sometimes both). Either way, they usually cannot be trusted, but they sure do like to have fun and definitely have way too much time on their hands.

List of Known Degens

This site is meant for good-natured fun, not for feuding back and forth with someone you don't like. Any bullshit attacks are going to be deleted, so just be cool, and don't ruin the fun for everyone else.

For now, just add yourself/someone in this list and create your/their page. To easily do so, create your account, click edit above, type * [[yourusername]] in the list below, and save the changes. You can then click the link in the list and it will prompt you to create the page. It's generally recommended you use another degen's page as a template. As more users are added, rmb177 and moderators will organize them into logical groups, rather than having one long list.